Real name: Scott Lang

First appearance: Marvel Premeire 47

Powers: Scott has no super-powers of his own, but the cybernetic helmet lets him communicate with ants, and various Pym-type particles permit him to alter his size. He can use the stingers in the costume to deliver a powerful electrical punch.

History: Single dad and ex-con Scott Lang was at his wit's end when his daughter, Cassie, needed expensive heart surgery. Faced with mounting bills and the kidnapping of the doctor performing the operation, Lang decided to pull one last job...on Dr. Henry Pym's lab. When he found Pym's old Ant-Man uniform, he took that to go after the goons holding the doctor. After secretly following and observing Lang defeat the doctor's captors, Pym gave Lang the suit for keeps. Scott's job as a tech at Stark International made him a frequent back-up for Iron Man. Later he joined the Fantastic Four as a technical advisor, where he spent a lot of time yearning after the "widowed" Sue Richards.

Current status: Scott redesigned his suit during the end of his FF stay; it made him look like a Spider-Man wannabe with a funky helmet. His current gig with Heroes for Hire has him back in the classic gear, although he's probably still ducking the super-hero costume infringement authorities.