Captain Britain

Real name: Brian Braddock. He also goes by Britannic.

First appearance: Captain Britain 1

Powers: Brian possesses superhuman strength and can fly. Although Brian's powers are natural, they were latent until activated mystically. He must be on English soil for full power.

History: Brian was a brilliant student and a promising young scientist when he had a motorbike accident. Near death, he was offered a chance at life by the god-like beings Merlyn and Roma if he became the champion of the British Isles. Brian agreed, but took a while to adjust to his new duties. He had a drinking problem, questioned his own sanity, and ended up being killed several more times. He yielded the mantle of Captain Britain to his sister, Betsy (who would become the X-Men's Psylocke), but returned when she was blinded. He helped form the superteam Excalibur. The chosen champion of Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, Brian is the strongest member of Otherworld's Captain Britain Corps. After a bizarre incident with the time stream, he started calling himself Britannic, but that hasn't really caught on with fans.

Current status: Brian sacrificed his powers to close a dimensional rift. He's on leave from Excalibur and has his engagement to Meggan on hold while he adjusts to the non-powered life.