Real name: Chris Powell

First appearance: Darkhawk 1

Powers:  When he becomes Darkhawk, Chris' human body is transferred to another dimension while his consciousness resides in an android. Powell's android form is self-repairing, and generates forceful "dark blasts."

History:  Chris found a mysterious amulet in an abandoned fun house which provided him with a powerful android body on command. Believing his police officer dad was on the take, Chris vowed to use his newfound powers for justice. He got some tips (and some enemies) from Spider-Man, and was a back-up member of the New Warriors. For a time, the android (with Chris' mind) and Chris (also with Chris' mind) co-existed on Earth; this was just too darn confusing, and the two were re-united.

Current status: Remains a sometimes member of the New Warriors and occasionally pops up for guest shots.
Devil Slayer

Real name: Eric Simon Payne

First appearance: Marvel Spotlight 33

Powers: After extensive training by the Demon Cult, Payne developed a low-level telepathic ability and the capability to psychically manipulate physical objects. He also used a special "Shadow Cloak" to teleport between dimensions.

History: A war veteran who enjoyed killing a little too much, Payne became a hit man after he left the service. After killing a woman and her child, Payne decided he wasn't cut out for the mob. Joining the Demon Cult, he went along with their plan to repopulate the Earth with demons until he realized that meant destroying all humans. Payne began to travel the Earth, expunging demons where-ever he found them.

Current status: Despite a stint with the Defenders and a storyline in Marvel Comics Presents, Devil Slayer has vanished from the Marvel Universe so completely one wonders if his Shadow Cloak swallowed him up.
DeWolff, Jean

First appearance: Marvel Team-Up 48

Powers: DeWolff possessed no super-human powers (unlike her brother, the Wraith). She was a Captain of detectives with the N.Y.P.D., and was a skilled leader and an expert shot. She drove a 1930s roadster with complete abandon, and usually dressed in a 1930s style.

History: Jean was caught up in a battle-of-the-sexes from the moment of her birth, when her police-commissioner father rejected her because she was female and lavished all his attention on her older brother, Brian. After her brother's presumed death during a shoot-out with criminals, Jean rapidly rose through the police ranks and, over the objections of her father, was given her own precinct. She was the first police officer to give Spider-Man a break, and sought his help after discovering her brother had become the murderous vigilante the Wraith. They eventually found her brother was under the mental control of her father, who was tried and sent to prison. Jean remained a valuable friend to Spidey and an important member of the supporting cast in his various books.

Current status: Jean was killed off-panel by the Sin-Eater before the start of Spectacular Spider-Man 107. This controversial storyline still sparks heated debate among fans.