Eagle - El Aguila

AKA: The Eagle

First appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist 58

Powers: El Aguila biologically generated bursts of electricity, which he would channel through his sword; lacking his weapon, he was perfectly capable of just using his hands as an electrical conduit. Whether or not he was a mutant is unclear (although if he was, he'd have his own book by now).

History: El Aguila surfaced in the slums of New York, taking down drug dealers and slum lords and charming the ladies whenever he appeared. Unfortunately for him, some of the slum lords had Heroes for Hire on retainer (something that really annoyed Luke and Danny when they found out). Power Man and Iron Fist helped capture El Aguila, but balked when the slumlord tried to kill him and let him escape. Although El Aguila always questioned their sincerity as "heroes" since they accepted money, they teamed up several times. El Aguila was also on reasonably good terms with Nightwing Restorations, the agency run by Colleen Wing and Misty Knight.

Current status: As far as anyone knows, El Aguila is still prowling the back streets of New York City.