Real name: Clinton Francis Barton

AKA: Goliath

First appearance: Tales of Suspense 57

Powers: Hawkeye is a master marksman, and has no super-human powers. Once upon a time he ingested Pym particles and could grow to super-human size, but he's much better now...

History: Clint ran away from an orphanage to join a circus, where he was trained by the Swordsman. When he discovered the Swordsman was a criminal, the two parted company. Clint was inspired by Iron Man to become a costumed super-hero, but hooked up with the Black Widow during her super-spy phase and committed a few criminal acts himself. Once he reformed, he became an Avengers mainstay. Hawk was devastated when the Black Widow left him for DareDevil, and tried to hook up with the Scarlet Witch. Miffed when Wanda preferred the Vision, Hawkeye quit the Avengers, which he does from time-to-time when he decides he needs a life. He has had a few identity problems, and spent years going back and forth between being Hawkeye the Marksman, Goliath the Really Big Guy, and Clint Barton the Private Citizen/Security Expert. However, he is a team player, and prefers to pal around with other super-heroes. He has been a member of the Defenders and leader of the West Coast Avengers. After the death of his wife, Mockingbird, and the dissolution of the WCA, Hawkeye hung around with Force Works, but refused membership.

Current status: Hawkeye has once more returned to the Avengers.