Jack of Hearts

Real name: Jack Hart

First appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu 22

Powers: Jack's body is composed of "zero energy." He can direct powerful "zero blasts" from his hands. And, despite first appearing in a black and white mag, he has the most colorful outfit in the entire Marvel Universe!

History: Jack is only half-earthling, although it was many years before he discovered that his mother was an alien. When his father was murdered for a renewable energy source he'd developed, Zero Fluid, Jack was immersed in the stuff. The accident burned half his body black, and left him a living powerhouse. After a period of time undergoing super-hero training with Iron Man, Jack became a free-lance hero and adventurer. As his powers continued to grow exponentially, he realized he was a danger to all living things and exiled himself to space.

Current status: Tends to show up when cosmic-space types like the Silver Surfer need a guest star; otherwise, continues to roam the spaceways.