AKA: Paragon. Her.

First appearance: Hulk Annual 6

Powers: Cosmic in nature and scope. Kismet can survive in space without a pressurized suit and is capable of firing bolts of cosmic energy from her hands. She's not too shabby in the sheer physical power department, either!

History: Created by the same process that spawned Adam Warlock, the being known as Her tried to resurrect Warlock, the only man worthy of being her mate. Alas, Warlock's soul stubbornly refused to return to his revived body, leaving Her heartbroken and inconsolable. Her wandered the Universe for some years before discovering that Warlock had resurrected again, this time with soul in place. However, Warlock refused to father Her's offspring. Miffed at his rejection, and feeling a strong urge to procreate, Her tested several of the champions of Earth, from demi-gods to Eternals, settling on Quasar as her ideal mate -- much to that young man's chagrin. Convinced it was her destiny to follow Quasar across the Universe and beyond, Her renamed herself Kismet and proceeded to embarrass Quasar by dogging his footsteps. Seriously wounded in a battle with Quasar's Star-Brand-wielding girlfriend, Kayla, Kismet involuntarily retreated into a life-sustaining cocoon. When she emerged, she healed members of the Enclave by encasing them in cocoons, accidentally transmogrifying them into cosmic beings.

Current status: Kismet is wandering the galaxy with the evolved members of the Enclave, probably oblivious to the fact that she does get together with Quasar in one time-line to produce the cosmic entity Star-Hawk.