Real name: Kyle Richmond

First appearance: Avengers 71. He was presumed killed in Defenders 106.

Powers: After drinking a mystical potion, Kyle found he had greatly increased strength at night. He developed a motorized jet-pack for flight and took the name "Nighthawk." Killed when he helped save the planet from Nebulon, the Defenders revived him by giving up portions of their own life forces. The mystic link was broken years later, leaving Kyle was paralyzed during the day, but, thanks to the potion, he retained full mobility at night.

History: Kyle was a spoiled rich kid who spent most of his early life running away from his responsibilities. He joined the Squadron Sinister for kicks, but went to the Defenders for help when he feared his teammates were going too far. Accepted into the Defenders, Kyle matured into a responsible and caring young man. He was presumed killed trying to prevent a fanatic U.S. patriot from unleashing a psychic terrorist attack on the Soviet Union.

Current status: For a time, the Defenders thought they had found their friend again when they went to the Squadron Supreme's earth; that turned out to be an alternate reality Kyle. This earth's Nighthawk remains in a coma after the explosion in Defenders 106.

Real name: Richard Rider

First appearance: Nova 1.

Powers: After being struck by a mysterious ray from space, Rich Rider became nearly indestructible, super-humanly strong, and could fly.

History: A dying member of the Nova Corps sent his powers to a randomly chosen human, hoping that person would go to Xandar to carry on the war. After a series of adventures on Earth that included confrontations with the Sphinx and the Yellow Claw, Nova went to Xandar and, with the help of the other members of the Nova corps and the Spaceknights, defeated the invading Skrulls. The war over, Rich was forced to leave his powers behind on Xandar in order to return to Earth -- or so he thought. When he was tossed off of a roof by Night Thrasher, the Nova powers kicked back in and Rich found himself as powerful as ever. He became a charter member of the New Warriors.

Current status: Nova retains his powers and remains on the New Warriors' roster.