Real name: Wendell Vaughn

First appearance: Captain America 217

Powers: Wendell's cosmos-spanning quantum energy and electro-magnetic powers come from the Quantum Bands most protectors-of-the-universe get slapped on their wrists, while the Star-Brand that used him to hitch a ride from the "New" Universe into the Marvel one gave him great physical strength. The Quantum Bands enable Quasar to open up time-saving space portals and leech energy from bad guys.

History: S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Vaughn was on routine security detail when A.I.M. heavies tried to abscond with some mysterious bracelet-like bands. Knowing that previous wielders of the bands had been vaporized, Wendell none-the-less donned them to protect civilians in the area. Much to everyone's surprise, Wendell didn't blow up after five minutes; the same lack of a killing instinct that lost him plum field assignments within the agency also kept him from fighting the energy of the bands, resulting in a permanent bonding with the alien artifacts. For a while Vaughn headed up security for the Pegasus Project. After a disastrous encounter with the Serpent Crown, Wendell felt unworthy and resigned. Wendell eventually hooked up with Eon, a conceptual entity that appointed Quasar Protector of the Universe and heir to the late Captain Mar-Vell. Quasar found himself scurrying from one side of the Multi-verse to the other, constantly getting caught up in Infinity quests, galaxy-spanning wars, time anomalies, nexus points and even getting nullified once or twice. He also found himself inundated with Protector of the Universe groupies like Moondragon and Kismet, when all he really wanted was a quiet evening out with his girlfriend (and fellow Star Brand wielder) Kayla.

Current status: Quasar burned out the Star Brand during a trip across the Cosmos to regain his Quantum Bands. He is still Protector of the Universe, although he now guards Eon's offspring Epoch.