Shanna the She-Devil

Real name: Dr. Shanna O'Hare

First appearance: Shanna the She-Devil 1

Powers: Veterinarian Shanna was pretty much just a (barely) costumed adventurer until she received ... gulp ... cosmic powers and began to be tutored by ... double gulp ... the High Evolutionary.

History: The daughter of a big-game hunter, the African-born Shanna devoted her time to protecting animals. She shared many adventures with her two pet big cats, facing off against the likes of the Mandrill, the Owl, and even the Hulk. After her pets were killed, a grief-stricken Shanna fled to the Savage Land and her friend Lord Kevin Plunder, AKA Ka-Zar, whom she eventually married. The two have had to deal with the over-exploitation of the Savage Land's natural resources by unscrupulous outsiders, further making Shanna wary of the modern world. Shanna has increasingly rejected technology in all of its forms, leading to a number of arguments with her husband over how much technology they should allow near their son, Matthew.

Current status: Shanna's new power is confusing the heck out of her husband, and making her awfully attractive to the High Evolutionary.

Real name: Maximillan Quincy Coleridge

First appearance: Super-Villain Team-Up 7

Powers: The Shroud has advanced extra-sensory abilities that allow him to perceive his environment with more accuracy than a sighted person. He can anticipate the movements of others. He controls a mystical "darkness" that he uses to envelop his enemies and which he can form into shadowy shapes.

History: After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child (that happens a lot to comic book heroes), the Shroud vowed revenge and studied criminal behavior. He joined the Cult of Kali in order to obtain promised super-natural powers, but had to be blinded before he could receive the gift of Kali. The blinding procedure left him with a Kali-shaped scar that covers most of his face. He used his position as a west coast crime lord to undermine criminal organizations.

Current status: Although Shroud's main base of operations used to be Los Angeles, he's moved to New York and now has a public, non-criminal identity running his family's business.

Real name: Dr. Walter Newell

First appearance: Tales to Astonish 95

Powers: Walter has no natural super-powers, but did design a manta ray-inspired underwater suit that permited him to take on Namor and survive. Made of strong, flexible armor, the suit generates an electric shock that packs quite a wallop. It is also capable of gliding for short distances out of the water.

History: Oceanographer Newell was performing undersea research when he was approached by federal agents interested in tracking down the Sub-Mariner, whom Newell knew and liked. Threatened with having his funding cut off, Newell designed his battle-suit and brought the Sub-Mariner in. When Namor escaped, Newell let him go. He later routinely aided Namor when the Sub-Mariner's hasty temper got him in trouble with the surface dwellers. Newell is more into research than super-heroing, and usually stays out of the way except when his brother-in-law, Tiger Shark, is running amuck. For a while, the Avengers used his island, Hydrobase, as a headquarters.

Current status: Newell presumably remains in Hydro-opolis, the domed under-water city for surface dwellers that he designed.