Real name: Brock Jones

First appearance: DareDevil 126

Powers: A former professional football player, Brock was pretty strong but not super-humanly so. His armored suit contained "turbo jets" that allowed Brock to fly and enabled him to punch through buildings and the like. The suit's design was partially based on Dire Wraith technology.

History: Brock was present when DareDevil and the original Torpedo battled to the death -- Torpedo's death, in any case. The dying Torpedo begged Brock to find the villainous Senator Stivak and prevent him from using the plans for the suit to outfit an army and take over the U.S. Brock succeeded in destroying the plans, but kept the original armor and became the new Torpedo. He had run-ins with DareDevil, teamed with the Defenders, and often found himself fighting the "Rocketeers," a group of Stivak's thugs with armor similar to his. When he accidently killed one of the Rocketeers in battle and found himself facing a pile of dust instead of a body, Jones knew he was in over his head and fled, relocating his family to Clairton. He battled Rom when the Spaceknight first came to Earth; once he understood the Dire Wraiths were the true threat, Brock and Rom became fast friends. The Torpedo and Rom shared many adventures before Brock was killed by the Dire Wraiths in Rom 50.

Current status: The fate of Brock's wife and three children is unclear. A Dire Wraith in the form of his son showed up in New Warriors after every member of Clairton was killed, so the outlook for survival of any member of Jones' family is not good. Brock's armor is now worn by the New Warriors' Turbo (which gives new meaning to the term "one size fits all").

First appearance: Fantastic Four 45

Powers: Triton possesses super-human strength and a number of adaptations that permit him to live underwater, such as gills and a body that resists the cold and pressure of the oceanic depths.

History: A member of the Inhumans, Triton was deliberately mutated by the Terrigan mist when an infant. In his case the mist produced characteristics suited to an aquatic lifestyle, making it impossible for Triton to survive out of water. On land he must wear a water-containing harness. Drawn by the need to explore the ocean, Triton was the first Inhuman to leave Attilan. His capture by a film crew prompted the first relocation of Attilan to the Himalayas; it was later sent to the Moon's blue area, and still later returned to Earth. Triton sought the Avengers' help when the Kree invaded Attilan, catapulting the group into the galaxy-spanning Skrull/Kree war. He is a good friend of the Sub-Mariner and a frequent guest when-ever Namor has a series.

Current status: The Inhumans, Triton included, continue to shun the company of humans even though they are once more on Earth.