Union Jack

Real name: Joey Chapman

First appearance: Captain America 253, making his debut as Union Jack the next issue.

Powers: Union Jack originally had no supernatural powers, but relied on his Webley and a silver dirk. When he was invested with the power of the Pendragon by the Green Knight, he obtained superhuman strength, endurance and speed.

History: Joey Chapman accompanied his school chum Kenny Falsworth home for the holidays, little realizing he was about to get caught up in British history. Kenny's grandfather, Lord Falsworth, was the original Union Jack of World War II's Invaders...and he was being terrorized by his brother, the vampiric Baron Blood. Joey and Captain America came up with a ruse to fool the Baron into believing Joey was the elder Falsworth; when the Baron attacked, he found himself facing a young man in fine fighting form, not the old codger he was expecting. Joey has since dealt with the likes of the Grandmaster, Death, and some resurrected Axis types originally faced by his namesake.

Current status: Union Jack is still kicking about England, although his exploits are carried out in near total obscurity.