Adam Warlock

First appearance: Fantastic Four 67

Powers: Adam is a cosmic entity possessing almost limitless raw power. The soul gem he wears emits "karmic blasts," and can imprison living souls. Adam himself resided inside the soul gem for several years. When he wielded the Infinity Gauntlet, he briefly became the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe.

History: An artificial being meant to be the perfect human, Adam honed his abilities on the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth. He was involved in numerous universe-wide struggles involving Man-Beast, Death, Thanos, the Goddess, and his own evil half the Magus. Warlock was placed in charge of the all-powerful Infinity Gems, and formed the Infinity Watch to protect them. When the Gems vanished into the Ultraverse, several members of the Watch, himself included, went there to seek them.

Current status: Although a fan favorite, Adam has trouble maintaining book sales and tends to get shunted off to other dimensions. Since his arch-enemy and fellow Watch member Thanos has returned to the Marvel Universe, Warlock may be able to follow.
The Wraith

Real name: Brian DeWolff

First appearance: Marvel Team-Up 48

Powers: The Wraith has powerful psionic abilities, enabling him to shield himself from view (including detection by Spider-Man's Spider-Sense), control the actions of another person from a distance, telekineticly lift objects, read minds, cast illusions and induce psychic pain.

History: Presumed killed after a shoot-out with criminals, Brian was kept alive with machines by his father, police commissioner Phillip DeWolff. Alas, some of Phillip's financial backers turned out to be criminals, who tried to force Phillip into crime. During a struggle, a "revitalizer" ray went off, striking both DeWolffs. Phillip discovered the ray forged a link between him and his comatose son; if he thought of an action, Brian would perform it. Phillip used Brian to kill the backers, then went after his estranged daughter Jean. The Wraith and Phillip were captured by the combined efforts of Jean, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Dr. Strange, who mystically healed Brian's body and mind. Brian's resurrected psyche was fragile. He vacillated between being a hero and a villain. Jean's murder drove Brian insane with grief. He was gunned down by Scourge during an abortive attempt to exact revenge on the N.Y.P.D.

Current status: Brian survived Scourge's attack, but his sanity is still questionable. He runs a vampiric cult and remains obsessed with destroying the N.Y.P.D.