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AKA: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier. This appears to be her true name, although she doesn't always answer to it. Beaubier has a split personality. As Aurora she is flighty, flirtatious, and fun-loving; as Jeanne-Marie, she is repressed and does not care for physical pleasures of any kind. The two personalities only rarely communicate, so that one doesn't know what the other one has gotten her into until it's too late.

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #120

Favorite quote, Jeanne-Marie: "What am I doing here, in this shameless costume?" (Alpha Flight 3, where a powerless Jeanne-Marie suddenly finds herself decidedly underdressed and in a dangerous situation).

Favorite quote, Aurora: "So, tell me; why do they really call you 'The Multiple Man'?" (To Jamie Maddrox of X-Factor in Alpha Flight 107. To his credit, Jamie wasn't reduced to stammering incoherence. Guess he got asked that all the time!)

Team affiliation: Aurora was a founding member of Alpha Flight. She had a long-standing relationship with Dr. Walter Langowsky, AKA Sasquatch, a flirtation with team-member Box that ended tragically, and an affair with Wild Child that left her nearly psychotic. Jeanne-Marie didn't approve of any of these shenanigans, incidentally.

Powers: Originally, Aurora was a mutant whose light-based powers were strengthened when 
in physical contact with her twin brother Jean-Paul. After a spat with her sibling, she underwent 
genetic altering, removing her link to her brother and disguising her mutancy at the genetic 
level. Loki reinstated Aurora's x-genes in AF 50 when he revealed that the twins were half-elvan. 
In AF 85, she merged with her brother and regained some measure of her original abilities. Her 
light powers may be similar to Dagger's, being used to blind, hypnotize, or heal people. She 
can also move fast enough to be a blur, has the power of independent flight, and can emit a 
force of unknown origin capable of knocking people about. Jeanne-Marie at first could not 
access any of Aurora's abilities due to a traumatic childhood shock, but in later Alpha Flight 
issues became potentially the more powerful of Beaubier's personalities.

Favorite Storyline: Alpha Flight 50, where she overcame her paralyzing fear of the dark, and 
much, much more, to save her brother, Northstar. (We'll ignore the fact that this is also where 
the weird half-elvan bit first came to light...)

Least favorite storyline: X-Factor 116, where she went insane with jealousy and nearly killed her old boyfriend, Wild Child. Nothing in her past indicated any of her personalities could commit cold-blooded murder.