Iron Man Timeline: List of Milestones

Welcome to the new and revised Iron Man Timeline! Here you'll find all of the major events in the life of Tony Stark laid down in published order. A special tip of the helmet goes out to Mike Connelly and Dave Huber for their diligence in compiling the original list! Obviously, this is a continual work in progress, and as always, additions and corrections are welcome. --Roger Ott

This list is from Advanced Iron. I'm preserving it because it has been a help over the years to me. 

Tales of Suspense #16 - Iron Man prototype story

Tales of Suspense #39 - First Iron Man/Tony Stark; First Mark 1 armor ; First Wong-Chu ; First Professor Yinsen

Tales of Suspense #40 - First Mark 2 armor ; First Stark Industries (laboratory only)

Avengers (vol.1) #1 - Iron Man helps found the Avengers

Tales of Suspense #45 - First Happy Hogan; First Pepper Potts; First Jack Frost (later Blizzard)

Tales of Suspense #46 - First Crimson Dynamo (Anton Vanko)

Tales of Suspense #47 - First Melter

Tales of Suspense #48 - First Mark 3 armor (horned helmet)

Avengers (vol.1) #4 - With Avengers, finds Captain America

Tales of Suspense #50 - First Mandarin

Tales of Suspense #52 - First Black Widow; First Crimson Dynamo (Boris Turgenov)

Tales of Suspense #54 - First Mark 4 armor (riveted helmet)

Tales of Suspense #56 - First Unicorn

Tales of Suspense #57 - First Hawkeye

Tales of Suspense #62 - Origin of the Mandarin

Avengers (vol.1) #16 - Iron Man leaves the Avengers

Tales of Suspense #68 - First Morgan Stark

Tales of Suspense #69 - First Titanium Man; First Countess Stephanie De La Spirosa

Tales of Suspense #70 - Happy Hogan learns Iron Man’s identity

Tales of Suspense #74 - Happy Hogan becomes The Freak

Tales of Suspense #76 - First Ultimo

Tales of Suspense #91 - First Crusher

Tales of Suspense #97 - First Whiplash

Tales of Suspense #98 - First Whitney Frost as Big M

Iron Man (vol.1) #1 - Big Premiere Issue!

Iron Man (vol.1) #2 - First Janice Cord

Iron Man (vol.1) #3 - “Happy” Hogan becomes the Freak again

Iron Man (vol.1) #11 - First Tony Stark LMD

Iron Man (vol.1) #12 - First Controller

Iron Man (vol.1) #17 - First Madame Masque; First Midas

Avengers (vol.1) #69 - Tony Stark gets a heart transplant

Iron Man (vol.1) #21 - First Eddie March; First Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky)

Iron Man (vol.1) #22 - Death of Janice Cord

Iron Man (vol.1) #27 - First Firebrand

Iron Man (vol.1) #28 - First Howard Stark; First Maria Stark (unnamed); First Meredith McCall

Iron Man (vol.1) #31 - First Kevin O’Brien

Iron Man (vol.1) #33 - First Spymaster and the Espionage Elite

Iron Man (vol.1) #36 - First Marianne Rodgers

Iron Man (vol.1) #37 - Kevin O’Brien learns Iron Man’s identity

Iron Man (vol.1) #43 - Kevin O’Brien becomes the Guardsman

Iron Man (vol.1) #46 - Death of Kevin O’Brien

Iron Man (vol.1) #48 - Origin of Firebrand

Iron Man (vol.1) #53 - First Black Lama

Iron Man (vol.1) #54 - First Moondragon

Iron Man (vol.1) #55 - First Thanos, Starfox, Drax, Chronos, Mentor, Blood Brothers

Iron Man (vol.1) #67 - Eddie March becomes the Freak

Iron Man (vol.1) #68 - First Nose faceplate

Iron Man (vol.1) #73 - First Stark International

Iron Man (vol.1) #78 - Vietnam flashback issue

Iron Man (vol.1) #82 - First Michael O’Brien

Iron Man (vol.1) #85 - New suit-up system; Nose faceplate removed

Iron Man (vol.1) #86 - First Blizzard (formerly Jack Frost)

Iron Man (vol.1) #91 - First Krissy Longfellow; First Bob Layton inks

Iron Man (vol.1) #96 - Michael O’Brien becomes Guardsman

Iron Man (vol.1) #100 - Iron Man vs. Mandarin

Iron Man (vol.1) #103 - Madame Masque revealed to have been Krissy Longfellow

Iron Man (vol.1) #114 - First Arsenal

Iron Man (vol.1) #115 - Vs. Ani-Men; First John Romita Jr art on IM

Iron Man (vol.1) #116 - Death of Ani-Men; Death of Count Nefaria; First Michelinie and Layton

Iron Man (vol.1) #117 - First Bethany Cabe

Iron Man (vol.1) #118 - First Jim Rhodes and Mrs. Arbogast

Iron Man (vol.1) #119 - First Yvette Avril

Iron Man (vol.1) #120 - First Justin Hammer

Iron Man (vol.1) #124 - First Artemus Pithins; Iron Man accidentally kills Carnelian ambassador

Iron Man (vol.1) #125 - Captain America trains Tony Stark

Iron Man (vol.1) #127 - Iron Man battles Justin Hammer’s Super-Army

Iron Man (vol.1) #128 - Tony Stark beats alcoholism

Iron Man (vol.1) #132 - First Vic Martinelli

Iron Man (vol.1) #142 - First Space Armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #143 - First Sunturion

Iron Man (vol.1) #144 - First meeting between Rhodey and Iron Man recounted

Iron Man (vol.1) #145 - First Raiders

Iron Man (vol.1) #149 & #150 - First Dr. Doom time travel yarn

Iron Man (vol.1) #152 - First Stealth Armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #156 - First Mauler (Doyle)

Iron Man (vol.1) #163 - First Obadiah Stane (in shadow); First Chessmen; First Indries Moomji

Iron Man (vol.1) #166 - Obadiah Stane (face and name revealed)

Iron Man (vol.1) #167 - Tony Stark begins drinking again

Iron Man (vol.1) #168 - First Morley Erwin (unnamed in story)

Iron Man (vol.1) #169 - Jim Rhodes becomes Iron Man; Morley Erwin named

Iron Man (vol.1) #170 - Tony Stark gives up being Iron Man

Iron Man (vol.1) #171 - First Clytemnestra Erwin

Iron Man (vol.1) #172 - Obadiah Stane takes control of Stark International

Secret Wars #1 - Iron Man/Rhodey joins other heroes on Battleworld

Secret Wars #8 - Mr Fantastic upgrades Iron Man armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #182 - Tony Stark beats alcohol; Iron Man/Rhodey returns from Secret Wars

Iron Man (vol.1) #186 - First Vibro

West Coast Avengers (vol. 1) #1 - Iron Man/Rhodey joins West Coast Avengers

Iron Man (vol.1) #188 - First Circuits Maximus; Tony Stark begins working on therapy armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #191 - Tony Stark dons therapy armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #192 - Tony vs. Rhodey

Iron Man (vol.1) #199 - Death of Morley Erwin (not revealed until #200)

Iron Man (vol.1) #200 - Tony Stark returns as Iron Man; Death of Obadiah Stane; First Silver Centurion Armor ;  
                                       First Iron Monger armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #203 - Tony Stark regains his fortune

Iron Man (vol.1) #212 - First Iron Monger II

Iron Man (vol.1) #215 - First Stark Space Station; Michelinie and Layton return!

Iron Man (vol.1) #216 - Death of Clytemnestra Erwin

Iron Man (vol.1) #217 - Stark Enterprises opens for business; First Marcy Pearson

Iron Man (vol.1) #218 - First Hydro Armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #219 - First Ghost; First Abe Zimmer

Iron Man (vol.1) #220 - Death of Spymaster

Iron Man (vol.1) #223 - First Blizzard II (Donny Gill); First Rae LaCoste

Iron Man (vol.1) #224 - Force becomes Carl Walker and works for Stark

Iron Man (vol.1) #225 - Armor Wars begin

Iron Man (vol.1) #226 - Armor Wars; vs. Stingray; Iron Man “fired” from Stark employ

Iron Man (vol.1) #227 - Armor Wars; vs. SHIELD and Mandroids; Stark invents identity of Randall Pierce for Iron 

Iron Man (vol.1) #228 - Armor Wars; vs. Guardsmen and Captain (Steve Rogers)

Iron Man (vol.1) #229 - Armor Wars; First Stealth Armor II; Death of Titanium Man II (Gremlin); Iron Man kicked 
                                       out of Avengers

Iron Man (vol.1) #230 - Armor Wars; First Firepower; “Death” of Iron Man

Iron Man (vol.1) #231 - Armor Wars; First New Red and Gold Armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #233 - First Kathy Dare

Iron Man (vol.1) #238 - First Felix Alvarez

Iron Man (vol.1) #242 - Kathy Dare shoots Tony Stark

Iron Man (vol.1) #243 - Tony Stark unable to walk

Iron Man (vol.1) #244 - First Joanna Nivena (in flashback)

Iron Man (vol.1) #248 - Experimental microchip repairs Stark’s spine

Avengers West Coast #51 - Iron Man rejoins the Avengers

Iron Man (vol.1) #249 and #250 - Second Dr. Doom time travel yarn

Iron Man (vol.1) #254 - First New Spymaster

Iron Man (vol.1) #258 - #266 - Armor Wars II

Iron Man (vol.1) #258 - First Encephalo Armor; First Kearson DeWitt

Iron Man (vol.1) #266 - Rhodey back in Iron Man armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #267 & #268 - Updated Iron Man origin

Iron Man (vol.1) #278 - First Space Armor II; Operation: Galactic Storm; First Len Kaminski

Avengers (vol.1) #347 - Operation: Galactic Storm; Iron Man makes the decision to kill the Supreme Intelligence

Iron Man (vol.1) #281 - First Masters of Silence; First War Machine armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #283 - Tony Stark reacquires Stane International from Justin Hammer

Iron Man (vol.1) #284 - Death of Tony Stark; Rhodey takes over Stark Enterprises and becomes War Machine; 
                                       Marcy Pearson fired by Rhodey

Iron Man (vol.1) #288 - Tony Stark revived

Iron Man (vol.1) #289 - Jim Rhodes quits!

Iron Man (vol.1) #290 - First NTU-150 Telepresence Armor

Avengers West Coast #102 - Iron Man quits the Avengers

Iron Man (vol.1) #298 - First HOMER

Iron Man (vol.1) #300 - First Modular Armor; First Iron Legion

Iron Man (vol.1) #304 - First Hulk-Buster armor

Force Works #1 - Iron Man starts Force Works

Iron Man (vol.1) #310 - Iron Man vs. War Machine

Iron Man (vol.1) #312 - Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes make amends

Iron Man (vol.1) #318 - First Arctic Armor

Iron Man (vol.1) #319 - First Retro Armor

Avengers: Timeslide - Young Tony Stark is brought to the present

Iron Man (vol.1) #325 - Young Stark armor debuts; Teen Tony vs. Evil Tony

Avengers (vol.1) #395 - Tony Stark killed by Kang

Iron Man (vol.1) #327 - First Frostbite

Iron Man (vol.1) #329 - Fujikawa International buys Stark Enterprises

Iron Man (vol.1) #330 - First Stockpile; Death of Abe Zimmer

Iron Man (vol.1) #332 - End of Volume 1

Onslaught: Marvel Universe - Teen Tony (with others) sacrifices himself to stop Onslaught

Iron Man (vol.2) #1 - Debut of the Prometheum Armor; First Counter-Earth Tony Stark

Iron Man (vol.2) #13 - End of Volume 2

Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4 - Tony Stark regains his memories and returns to the Marvel Universe

Iron Man (vol.3) #1 - First Heroes Return Armor; First Death-Squad

Iron Man (vol.3) #4 - First Rumiko Fujikawa; First Firebrand (Richard Dennison)

Avengers Forever #8-9 - Revealed that The Crossing was masterminded by Immortus, not Kang

Iron Man: The Iron Age #1 & #2 - More revelations of Iron Man's early days

Iron Man (vol.3) #11 - First Evil War Machine

Iron Man: Bad Blood #4 - "Bad Blood" Space Armor debuts and Justin Hammer is set adrift in space

Iron Man (vol.3) #14 - Prototype "Renaissance" Armor debuts.

Iron Man (vol.3) #19 - Evil War Machine revealed to be Parnell Jacobs

Iron Man (vol.3) #20 - Jocasta becomes the armor’s OS

Iron Man (vol.3) #24 - Origin of Ultimo

Iron Man (vol.3) #27 - Iron Man armor becomes sentient

Iron Man (vol.3) #28 - Whiplash is killed by the Sentient Armor

Iron Man (vol.3) #30 - Stark gets a heart and the Sentient Armor ‘dies’

Iron Man (vol.3) #37 - First Ty Stone

Iron Man (vol.3) #42 - Prototype S.K.I.N. Armor debuts

Iron Man (vol.3) #44 - S.K.I.N. Armor debuts

Iron Man (vol.3) #48 - Iron Man vs. Ultron; Jocasta gets transferred into a new body

Iron Man (vol.3) #50 - Prometheum II Armor debuts

Iron Man (vol.3) #55 - Iron Man reveals identity to the world; 400th Iron Man issue

Iron Man (vol.3) #58 - Ty Stone becomes trapped in Dreamvision

Iron Man (vol.3) #59 - Tony Stark invents a time machine

Iron Man (vol.3) #64 - First appearance of the Thor-Buster armor

Iron Man (vol.3) #71 - First appearance of the Ablative Armor

Iron Man (vol.3) #73 - Tony Stark nominated for U.S. Secretary of Defense

Iron Man (vol.3) #78 - Tony Stark becomes U.S. Secretary of Defense

Iron Man (vol3) #82 - vs. Carl Walker, aka Force

Iron Man (vol. .3) #83 - First appearance of the High Gravity Armor; vs. Titanium Man

Iron Man (vol.3) #87 - Death of Rumiko Fujikawa

Avengers (vol.3) #500 - Avengers Mansion destroyed; Avengers Disassembled

Iron Man (vol.3) #89 - Tony Stark steps down as Secretary of Defense

Avengers Finale - Iron Man disbands the Avengers

Iron Man (vol.4) #1 - First Extremis

Iron Man (vol.4) #4 - Tony Stark injected with Extremis

New Avengers #3 - Iron Man and Captain America assemble a new team of Avengers

Iron Man: The Inevitable #1 - First New Spymaster

New Avengers: Illuminati - Iron Man revealed to be part of a secret team of super heroes

Civil War #1 - Iron Man supports the Super Hero Registration Act

Iron Man (vol.4) #14 - Death of Happy Hogan

Civil War #7 - Iron Man vs. Captain America; Iron Man named Director of SHIELD

Civil War: The Initiative - Iron Man puts the Initiative into effect

Iron Man (vol.4) #15 - Karim Mahwash Najeeb finds the Mandarin

Mighty Avengers #1 - Iron Man builds a new team of Avengers

World War Hulk #1/Iron Man (vol.4) #19 - Iron Man tackles the Hulk!

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