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Updated the pictures on this page. 

Updated several items on the Utilities page including the Action Figures, Icons page, Many Covers, added Hube's Reviews, added the Women of Marvel Comics.

Hube's Iron Man Reviews Vol. 2 and 4 are finished.

Bring on the Bad Guys - Iron Man villains are finished

Under Communications (Links Page): I'm trying to recover from archives some of the older sites that went away on the internet. I've contacted many of the owners for permission to host the content of their sites. If I've missed someone, please contact me. 

Updated all the covers under the Utilities page, Many Covers, all except The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1. 

Got The Invicible Iron Man Complete Collection DVD-ROM. I'll update the covers under the Utilities section. My goal will be to have all the covers so fans can see what the issues look like.  

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