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This was my first Iron Man related invention.  The one that started it all, so to speak.  As documented in Tales of Suspense (TOS) #39. Super-powered tiny transistors that "can increase the force of any device- - - a thousandfold," like this magnet as seen here in a test model for the United States military.  These electromagnetics were incorporated into the first armors with my transistor design amplifying their power.
My first armor as seen in Tales of Suspense (TOS) #39 was the Grey Armor, created by Professor Yinsen, arguably the greatest physicist of all and myself.  Pictured below would be considered the Model I, Mark I and the Model I, Mark II armor as seen in TOS #40, as it has the kilt cover.  Changes to the armor began almost immediately and continue even to this day.  Next, is a picture of Professor Yinsen and myself working on the armor.
Grey Armor, Model I, Mark I
"I've done extensive work with transistors!  I can design them in any size to perform any function!"  These transistors duplicated every action of the human body.  And with the advice of a young lady in TOS #40, I made another change.  I painted my armor gold, the Model I, Mark III.
I was working with the military overseas when I tripped over a booby trap, sending shrapnel travelling closer to my heart every day.  Within the armor as seen in TOS #39, was a chest piece that served as a pacemaker as well as an electromagnet keeping the piece of shrapnel from getting any closer to my damaged heart.  It was something that I needed to wear continually, and it needed constant recharging.
Model I, Mark II
One of my next inventions:

TOS #40
Model I, Mark II
I improved the function of the grey armor plus added kilt.



Marion, my date to the circus suggests a color 
fitting a knight-Gold.
TOS #39
Model I, Mark I

Model I, Mark III
Tony paints suit with untarnishable gold.

And if Reed would have waited a few years, I invented 
All documented in TOS #41.
Here is seen in holographic projection and the ability to add some components to the armor like the sledge hanmmer to battle the Hulk, or who I thought was the Hulk in Avengers #2.
Here is the golden armor able to dig through tons of concrete and flooring.
Here is the golden armor able bend steel and lift 3 men and tear down a concrete wall.
Here is the golden armor is seen with the ability to lift, manipulate, and tear apart a car, and extreme minituriazation of an atomic bomb in the form of a security lock.
Here is the golden armor has
 jet propulsion flight capablities.
Here, the golden armor has the
 ability to increase magnetism 100 fold.
Invention of a disintegrator ray.
Invention of the collapsible armor, itself.
Here is the golden armor is seen as jumping off a ship into the water (travelling by sea is the assumption and that submersition is possible with this armor).  Later in TOS #43, this is confirmed by Tony Stark recounting some Iron Man adventures.
Tony also recounts the power of the Iron Man Gold Armor in TOS #43 with the ability to fly with and overpower the supersonic-speed bombers.