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Here is the Model IX, Mark I or the Neo-Classic armor as seen in Iron Man # 231.
During the Armor Wars, I fought the Captain, Steve Rogers.
Here is the Model VII, Mark I armor, better known as the Silver Centurion Armor as seen in Iron Man #200.
I also fought A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics documented in IM #201. Force Field, stealth camouflage, lifts a airliner to prevent a crash, energy absorption, pulse bolts, takes 4 a hit of missiles, and a thermal ray are some new features.  
Here is the Model IX, Mark III with further modified gauntlets and boot jets and no external side pods.
Silver Centurion taking on a laser blast at point blank range in space in IM #215.  Next, Iron Man shows his new wide-spectrum energy assimilation circuits and various powers . Finally, Iron Man saves Rhodey in the old suit from the reentry heat. 
With the Silver Centurion Armor, without thinking I demolish two tanks in IM #225. 
The Stark Jet in Iron Man 1 #270.
The Electromesh body suit and realistic skin covering in Iron Man #269.
The first Neuromimetic Telepresence Armor in Iron Man #272.
The Neo-Classic Armor lifts a Nuclear Reactor in Iron Man #259.
The encephalo circuitry created to control the Neo-Classic armor as seen in Iron Man #270.
The Silver Centurion armor caries a new Tony Stark invention, an alpha-particle generator with one arm. 
Here is the Model IX, Mark II with new neck/chest piece and new gauntlets and boot jets.
The Silver Centurion armor is able to control the suit's force field from a distance with new cybernetic controls. 
Iron Man pulls a train as seen in Iron Man #245
Iron Man 200 - Silver Centurion