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Here is the Model IX, Mark I or the New Red and Gold armor as seen in Iron Man # 231.
During the Armor Wars, I fought the Captain, Steve Rogers.
Here is the Model VII, Mark I armor, better known as the Silver Centurion Armor as seen in Iron Man #200.
I also fought A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics documented in IM #201.
Here is the Model IX, Mark II with new neck/chest piece and new gauntlets and boot jets.
Here is the Model IX, Mark III with further modified gauntlets and boot jets and no external side pods.
Silver Centurion taking on a laser blast at point blank range in space in IM #215.  Next, Iron Man shows his new wide-spectrum energy assimilation circuits. Finally, Iron Man saves Rhodey in the old suit from the reentry heat. 
With the Silver Centurion Armor, without thinking I demolish two tanks in IM #225. 
The Stark Jet in Iron Man 1 #270.
The Electromesh body suit and realistic skin covering in Iron Man #269.
The first Neuromimetic Telepresence Armor in Iron Man #272.