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The Modern Armors as documented in Iron Man Vol. 3.  Model XVIII, Mark I, sometimes referred to as the Heroes Return Armor or the Renaissance Armor.
The Model XX, Mark III, vol 3, #50.
The Model XXI, Mark II, smooth legs. Vol. 3 #62.
The Model XXI, Prototype.
I've recently developed a pair of glasses that can record video and sound and detect minute changes in facial expression, acting as a lie detector.
I've started using these more, since I went public with my identity. 

A security sweeper using the latest technology in nightvision and laser alarm dectection.
The Model XIX, Mark II, the Safe Armor as seen in IM vol 3 #15.
I came to find out this armor's electromagnetic fields were not allowing me to heal and was actually causing cellular degeneration.
The Model XIX, Mark I, the Safe Armor-prototype as seen in Fantastic Four vol 3, #15 and Iron Man vol 3, #14.
The Model XX, Mark I., SKIN armor developed by Askew, also sometimes referred to as the Udder armor, started in IM vol 3 #42, Mark I #44. The golden shell stronger than Omnium Steel and nearly as strong as Adamatium. 
The Model XXIII, Mark I armor, aka The Department of Defense Armor, while I pursued the DOD position offered by the President.  Vol. 3, #73.
The Model XX, Mark III.
The Model XIX, Mark II, the Safe Armor as seen in Contest of Champions II.
The S.A.T.V. (Stark's All Terrain Vehicle) seen here in Iron Man vol. 3 #80 for use in the desert.
Stark's, The Clement, a deep space ship designed for purposes of interstellar travel at great speed causing the manned crew to experience 50 times the force of the Earth's gravity.  It has a particle beam that was used to destroy an asteroid that was headed to Earth.  First seen in Iron Man vol. 3 #83.  Iron Man had to wear his heavy gravitational space armor to survive in the ship.
The Model XXII, Prototype Thor Buster Armor based on an Asgardian Gem.  Iron Man vol. 3, #64.
The Model XXIV - AKA The Extremis Armor appeared in Iron Man Vol. 4, #1. Although the armor looks unchanged from the previous model. I added the Extremis technology to keep me from dying and to stop someone else who took the nanite Super-Soldier injection. It was created by my friend, Maya Hansen, as a military solution to the Super Soldier serum.  This injection rewrites the body from the memory center of the brain.  It recreates bones and organs, that in my case, provides an improvement on the one system that was the weakest part of the armor, my body.  Now my armor is integrated into my body.  

I found out later that Maya is the one who set up the scenario that released the serum into Mallen and then into me to test it and preserve her military funding. 
CThe Model XXXII - AKA The Heroic Age Armor or the Reboot Armor as appeared in Iron Man Vol. 5, #25. I explained the metaphor of a computer to my friend Reed Richards. Iron Man was the application, Extremis was the operation system, and my body was the hardware.  With Extremis gone, I had nothing to run the application. So, I used my repulsor technology to become my new operating system, even supporting my basic functions of the anatomy/physiology of my brain such as breathing.

My mind was wiped to prevent Osborn from accessing the secrets of many of my friends. After being massively arrogant, I had done one back-up of my mind thnking no one would have the knowledge, skill, or power to hurt me. 

When my mind was rebooted, I had gaps in my memory and did not remember what I had done to my friends/enemies. I've lost my company, which regardless of how issue 25 portrays, has happened several times in my life. 

I built this armor at the Baxter Building because only Reed would have the equipment I needed to redesign my armor. 
The Models XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX as documented in Iron Man vol. 4 #9. 
The Model XXV The Anti-Radiation Armor I built with Bruce Banner, Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #72. 
The Model XXXI in World War Hulk #1 - Hulk-Buster Armor. 
The Model XXXII AKA - Uru Armor seen in Invincible Iron Man #510.
The Model XXXIII AKA - Phoenix Buster Armor as seen in Avengers vs X-Men #5.
Iron Man Vol. 5 #25.
The Model XXIII, Mark II - drawn differently but little change. It looks like the Extremis Armor, but this model came before. 
Iron Man Vol. 5 #27.
Iron Man's Armor - Tony Stark: Iron Man 15.

Iron Man's Elongated Arms - Tony Stark: Iron Man 16
Iron Man's Virtual Armor - Iron Man 2020 #6
Iron Man's New Armor - Iron Man 2020 #6
The Model XXI, Mark I, The Tin Man Armor, Vol 3, #51.
Iron Man's New Armor - Iron Man Vol. 6 #1
The Mandarin Buster Armor first worn in  Invincible Iron Man #524.