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Model VI, Mark I 
as seen on the cover of IM #152.
Model VI, Mark II,
as seen in IM #229.
Model VI, Mark III,
as seen in the Black Panther Vol. 3 series #44.
This is a rare view of my prototype for the stealth armor slimmed down like my classic armor.

It is short on weapons, but heavy on radar avoidance measures.
Here I am finishing the assembly of the Mark II Stealth Armor, before I engage the Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo. 
A rocket booster is used to reach Russia and save power. And I utilized a "Chameleon Effect" that made it difficult for my enemies to visualize my armor. 
This was a sad day as an accident took place that caused the death of the Gremlin.  The Titanium Armor overheated from my boot jets while I tried to escape Titanium Man's crushing grip.

It was also the day I was asked to step down from the West Coast Avengers.