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The War Machine Armor-Model XI, Mark II, first seen in IM #281.  The Mark I had no chest beam.  This second model was adapted and given to James Rhodes.
The Guardsman Armor, first seen in IM #43.
Sbown directly below are thumnails.  Click on them for the full size pictures.  Further below are pictures of various Proto-type Specialty Armors.  The drawings are by Paul Ryan and Bob McLeod with colors by Bongotone.
Model VI, Mark I, first seen in Iron Man #152.  A Mark II (IM #229 and III (Black Panther Vol. 3 #44 were built later each with vast improvements. Click to see all three stealth armors.
Model VIII, Mark I, first seen in Iron Man #218. The Hydro Armor.
Model V, Mark I, first seen in Iron Man #142.  A Mark II (IM #278), Mark III (Bad Blood Limited Series), Mark IV or the Ablative armor, Mark I (IM Vol 3 #71), Mark V, Vol #3, #83.
  Click to see all four space armors.
This was not the first suit that had the remote unmanned capability. This is why it is a second Mark to the original used in the neo-classic armor. 
The Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit (NTU-150) Armor, NTU tech seen before this, this armor first seen in #290, Model X, Mark II.
The Mandroid Armor, I developed for S.H.I.E.L.D. to defend against superpower foes and crisis too large for our conventional military.  I later came into conflict with this armor when I learned that the government and others had inappropriately used my technology, stolen from me.
The Silver Centurion Armor was introduced in Iron Man #200 and then the Neo-Classic Armor was introduced after the Hydro Armor